GFX 3D Engine::Free and Open Source Lightweight 2D and 3D Engine for iOS and Android

Welcome to the official site of the GFX 3D Game and Graphics Engine!

What is GFX? GFX is a cross platform OpenGL ES v2.0 based 2D and 3D Game Engine for the next generation of mobile operating system such as iOS and Android. It is coded in pure C and C++ and allow you to create state of the art 2D and 3D games for your favorite mobile platform. GFX is extremely small, fast, scalable, flexible and is extremely easy to use.

Xtinction a First Person Shooter powered by GFX (Source Code Package available for 99$)

Do not be decived by the small size of GFX, it is an extremely capable 2D and 3D game engine (as demonstrated in the screenshot above, and in my latest book). It contains all the features required by modern 2D and 3D games and is built for the next generation of mobile platform (iOS5 and Android v2.x). Find below a quick list of the features that can be found in the current GFX engine release:

  • Cross platform C/C++ API (iOS and Android).
  • Full GLSL ES shader support.
  • Built-in matrix system similar as in OpenGL.
  • Full Wavefront OBJ and MT Support.
  • Skeletal Animation (MD5 version 10)
  • Full PNG Texture support
  • Automatic 16bits texture conversion
  • Mipmapping, Anisotropic Filtering
  • PVR Texture Compression
  • Full Physics support for Rigid and Dynamic bodies
  • Automatic triangles to triangle strips optimization
  • Audio support through OpenAL and OGG Vorbis
  • Full OpenAL support
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Built-in functions to handle dynamic lights.
  • Matrix and Vector math implementation.
  • Memory system to deal with files that support .ZIP decompression.
  • Built-in Recast and Detour support for AI and pathfinding.
  • Built-in Bullet Physics Support.
  • Cross platform thread interface.
  • Frustum and advanced clipping support.
  • TTF font file support for automatic font texture generation.
  • Matrix stack mechanism that mimic standard OpenGL way of dealing with matrices.
  • Implementation of the most popular GLU functions.
  • A lot more...

Game and Graphics Programming for iOS and Android with OpenGL ES v2.0

The GFX engine framework is basicallly a free and open source light version of the popular SIO2 game engine (the other commercial engine Im working on). I create it reusing a bunch of structures and functions that I use to prototype GLES v2.0 integration inside SIO2 and bundled them inside a framework and use it inside my latest book:

Powered by the GFX Engine.

However, please take note that the GFX engine is NOT as complete as SIO2 (at the exception of GLES2 integration), and it only contains a subset of the SIO2 engine API. The GFX 3D engine is more for technical developers and contrarily to SIO2 in GFX you have to code mostly everything by yourself; which have its own good side too, as it allows you to really optimize the code, for your specific needs. However if you are looking for a more easy to use and complete solution for your 2D/3D games visit sio2interactive.com to learn about what the SIO2 framework can provide.

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